Additional Industries

Additional Industries

Additional industries/types of products that United Gear & Assembly manufactures include components for power generation, locomotive, and marine. Typical applications within these industries include precision gears and shafts for engines, drivetrain systems, pumps and more.

Volume for our industry to production sizes ranging from a few to tens of thousands of pieces per year with multiple redundant machining cells available to run both fine pitch gears and coarse pitch gears. With global delivery options available for these industries, United Gear & Assembly has the capabilities required for your projects. Global sourcing allows United Gear & Assembly to maintain their competitive edge, a major aspect of business along with dedicated equipment, industry-leading lead times, and vertically integrated heat treating capabilities.

Working with United Gear & Assembly

We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service for our industry customers. The trained staff at United Gear & Assembly are highly responsive, fielding your questions, adapting designs, and implementing your additional requests throughout the process. Learn more about United Gear & Assembly, get started by requesting a quote today.

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