Throughout our nearly 50 years in business at United Gear & Assembly, the construction industry has always been a vital part of our customer base. Whether our customers are building homes, neighborhoods or the complex infrastructure of roadways and interstates, we have a long history of providing high-quality gears and powertrain components that keep heavy equipment operational.

Powertrain Gears and Shafts

Specialized heavy machinery used in demanding industries like construction costs a small fortune, so proper maintenance and repairs are essential for extending the service life of the equipment and increasing your return on investment. These types of harsh operating environments require durable, rugged components that must withstand a wide range of factors, such as extreme temperatures, abrasive materials, and high impact.

United Gear & Assembly produces durable powertrain gears and shafts for a wide range of off-highway, earthmoving applications including excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, paving equipment, trucks, and loaders.

United Gear & Assembly uses up to one meter hob machines to produce market sized gears in both diameter and pitch, and Gleason P500 shapers for large diameter ring gears. This gives us the ability to fabricate the in-demand components you need for both the engine and the transmission of your construction equipment.

Quality Assurance

United Gear & Assembly uses a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, precision measuring tools, and unparalleled experience to provide a range of capabilities in engineering, manufacturing, heat treating, and assembly.

With professional quality assurances and standards certifications such as ISO and IATF, you can count on United Gear & Assembly for all your gearing and powertrain needs. Our facility – located in Hudson, Wisconsin – provides cost-effective production, whether you need five pieces a year or 10,000. With multiple redundant machining cells, we can produce anything from fine-pitch gears to coarse-pitch gears.

Additionally, our position in the global market allows United Gear & Assembly to be competitive while providing capabilities and products abroad. Our skilled staff provides each of our clients with the fastest industry lead times, unprecedented collaboration, and years of industry expertise.

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