Customer Survey Data

Customer Name (Company)Contact PersonQuality Of ProductOn-Time DeliveryCustomer ServiceAdministrative Order & Invoice AccuracyOverall SatisfactionAverage ScroreAdditional Comments/Suggestions
Geislinger CorporationHeather Anderson414433.20We've had a challenging year with an increase in demand from our customer. We've tried to communicate up front - but the long lead times have been challenging to plan with, we have been able to communicate that challenge with our end customer and adjusted but now we are seeing 48 week lead times which is even more difficult to try to plan with. Your team works with mine well, but we've had challenges with the material being delivered on time at the quantity that we ordered. On our most recent shipment, the amount delivered, the due date, and the associated quality documents were not supplied on time or completely fulfilled. The material your team provides Geislinger is critical to the product that I need to provide to CAT and even with all eyes on the order since April we still had major challenges on that shipment. Hopefully our next shipment in October will go better.
John DeereDale Schulte545544.60Communication has improved greatly. Maybe additional focus on bringing in raw material earlier and although i understand the difficult environment we are ALL currently facing.
CAT SpringvaleAnton Demidovsky513412.80
CaterpillarCHANDRU444444Can be competitive on cost
Ramco Electric MotorsDan Weaver412322.40
BendixJuan Saucedo414122.40Overall, good supplier, but need to improve on reacting to Move IN orders
CaterpillarTyler Kimmle545554.80UGA has great support with communication and working constraints with material
CATERPILLARJoe Oilar555555Emily and Shelly both, have been excellent to work with! A high performing supplier with fantastic, quick customer feedback given when asked.
Reynaldo Ramos Valdés (John Deere)Emily Hennemann535544.40- There is always very good communication responsiveness and communication with John Deere Waterloo. Customer Service Representative is always prepared with updates. - Great service, always polite and respectful. - Polite, respectful environment during meetings. - Daily support to John Deere , answers always on time. - Our only minor issue is the delay to ship some material/part numbers due to different kind of situations or problems. - Great work and Overall satisfaction. - Outstanding support to John Deere Users. Thank you !
CaterpillarRyan Bright555555UGA is great to work with
Caterpillar IncLloyd Timerman345544.20
Rolls Royce SolutionMatthias Müller545444.40
John DeereSherry Good555555I directly work with Emily Hennemann, Shelly Klatt and sometimes Aaron Harrison. Always a pleasure. Truly some of the nicest people I have ever worked with and always ready to help however they can. I ask for a lot and a lot is what I get in return. If it is something they can help with they do. If it is something they cannot help with, they figure out a way to make it happen. I am lucky to work with this group of people who are amazing at what they do.


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