At United Gear & Assembly, we are experts at providing cost-effective, practical powertrain gear and shaft solutions to keep your mining equipment operating efficiently, so your business can operate effectively without worrying about unexpected downtime due to equipment failures.

Mining Industry Capabilities

Proper maintenance and repairs for mining industry equipment is crucial to help avoid service issues, extend your machine life, and ensure your machinery is running smoothly. Mining equipment is operated in environments that require strong, durable, and rugged components – which is where United Gear & Assembly comes into play.  We are able to produce durable powertrain gears and shafts for your mining equipment needs.

To help develop these precision gears and shafts, United Gear & Assembly uses up to one meter hob machines to produce market sized gears in both diameter and pitch, and Gleason P500 shapers for large diameter ring gears. With this machinery, we can fabricate the components your applications require for the engine and the transmission of your mining equipment.

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When you work with United Gear & Assembly, you receive professional quality assurances according to standards certifications such as ISO, CQI-9, and IATF. We’re able to provide cost-effective production, whether you need five pieces a year or 10,000.

Our position in the global market allows us to be competitive while providing capabilities and products abroad. With dedicated equipment and vertically integrated heat treating, our commitment to quality is our commitment to you.

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